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Hi! My name is Gary and this is my home and garden improvement blog. My passion for working on my home and garden began when I bought my first house. It was a run down little place in the suburbs of Sydney. Even though the place was in a bit of a state, it was in a fantastic location. I spent many hours reading up on DIY and gardening tips before setting about improving the place. It was a lot of hard work but it was also a lot of fun. I learnt a lot during that time so I decided to start this blog.



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Great Home and Garden Improvement Tips


Creating A Green Juice Garden On Your Patio

Nutrient-dense green juice is the ideal way to start your day or refuel after a workout, but it's not always easy to find the right organic ingredients, and the cost of a daily green juice can add up. So why not grow essential green juice ingredients in containers? It's not as difficult as you might think, and the produce typically used for green juice bases doesn't need much space to grow, so a patio is all you need.

Create the Perfect Poolside Dining Area

Long summer nights spent relaxing by the pool, soft lighting, delicious food, good company... What more could you want? If you feel like you're not making the most of the warm weather, are stuck in a boring dinnertime routine or want to get more use out of an outdoor patio and pool, then creating a luxurious poolside dining area could be the answer. You'll feel like you're on holiday every evening, and it's a nice way to share a romantic meal with your other half or spend some quality time with kids (away from computer screens).

Common Sources of Energy Inefficiencies in Air Conditioning Units

One of the biggest concerns homeowners have when it comes to their AC operations is high energy bills. If AC units are allowed to run inefficiently, they can be big energy consumers, causing homeowners to spend more than they should to stay comfortable inside. Here is a look at some of the most likely reasons your residential AC unit may run inefficiently and waste energy. Leaky ducts The ducts that move air within an AC unit can use more energy than necessary if they are not correctly sealed and insulated.

6 Unsung Benefits of Awnings for Your Home

Awnings are beneficial to your home in many ways. They provide shade, cut energy costs, and add aesthetic appeal to your home. However, there are also several other rarely mentioned perks that awnings can offer homes, especially those with children.  If you are currently trying to decide whether awnings might be the right design choice for your home, this list might just help you make your mind up.  Awnings Save Lives

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Vacuuming Your Carpets

Did you know that you could vacuum your carpets regularly without removing all the dirt that they contain? Read on and discover some of the carpet vacuuming mistakes that you should avoid when cleaning the carpets in your home. Delaying to Empty the Bag Vacuum cleaners rely on their suction power to extract dirt from surfaces. The vacuum bag helps in creating a vacuum into which dirt and debris are channeled as the vacuum cleaner does its work.

4 Renovation Ideas For a Small Bathroom

When you have a small bathroom in your home, it can often feel more like a burden than anything else. However, with some smart renovations, you can improve the bathroom's appearance and function. Consider some of these renovation ideas to transform a small bathroom into a space you want to spend time in. Install a Corner Sink and Vanity In the standard small bathroom, the sink and vanity is usually placed straight against a wall in an attempt to leave room next to it for the toilet and a shower or bathtub on the opposite side of the room.

Five Hazardous Materials in Your Home That Should Not Go In the Skip Bin

In many countries, it is illegal to dispose of certain hazardous materials in waste bins intended for domestic waste. The reason for this prohibition is to avoid endangering the health of people and animals. Therefore, do not think that dumping all your waste in a disposal bin implies that you are playing your part to enhance the protection of the environment. When you hire a bin for domestic waste disposal, you should consider all the types of hazardous materials prohibited from being disposed of in skip bins.

What to Consider When Choosing Window Treatments for Your Home

Window treatments for your home may be more important than you realize; they are like the accessories to an outfit, as they can make a room seem finished and attractive. They also control more than light; window treatments can block out heat and noise so your home's interior is more comfortable and attractive. When you are ready to choose window coverings, you might get a bit overwhelmed by your choices and not know how to choose the right treatments.

Four Things Your Sun Porch Needs

A sun porch is a great place to enjoy your garden and get fresh air without having to be subjected to bugs and extreme heat. Here are some things to be sure you have in your sun porch to add to its aesthetic appeal and functionality. Comfortable and Stylish Furniture Since your sun porch is a little more protected than a traditional patio or deck, you can choose furniture that is a bit more stylish.

Keep Your Puppy out of Special Areas in Your Garden with an Aluminium Fence

Puppies like to play, which can involve havoc in your garden. If you put strategic and attractive fences around the more sensitive areas, you will be able to maintain an attractive garden, even when the puppy wants to chew. Here's how to do it:  Protect the vegetable patch Puppies chew anything, including plants. They also like to dig. A vegetable patch has the attraction of loose earth that is easy to dig in and a variety of plants that are lovely to chew.

Lawnmower man: Ride on Mower Maintenance Guide

To keep your ride on mower in top condition, it is vital that you perform regular maintenance tasks to keep it operating at a peak level and to help extend the life of the machine. Below are some maintenance tasks which should be carried out in the spring, before the main mowing season. Disconnect the Spark Plug Before performing maintenance on your mower, you should place the mower on a flat surface.

3 Points to Help You Choose the Right Vacuum Cleaner

There are many vacuum cleaners that you can buy, but whichever one you choose depends on your needs as well as a number of factors. Some of these include the number of people in the home, the person going to use the cleaner regularly, presence of pets in the home and the type of floors that you have. Bearing these in mind, you can weigh your choices based on the following three characteristics:

Vertical Blinds - Easy Cleaning Tips

Vertical blinds make a good choice of window dressing alternative to curtains.  You can still cut out light altogether if you want to, or you can tilt the blinds to allow natural light in, whilst excluding glare on very sunny days.  Vertical blinds are also easier to clean than curtains, providing another advantage.  Here are some tips on how to easily clean your vertical blinds. Cleaning routine It's a good idea to clean vertical blinds every couple of weeks, depending on their location in your home.

Sun Exposure | 4 Steps To Restore The Original Look Of Your Sun-Faded Timber Flooring

Timber flooring is both aesthetically pleasing and practically functional for your home because of its timeless appeal in a traditional or modern setting. But if you're bequeathed with sun-drenched interiors, then your flooring is bound to fade and discolour over time. Luckily, this problem can be reversed with a few simple steps. Sand The Floor Using Sandpaper Begin the process of timber flooring restoration by sanding the entire surface using medium-grit sandpaper.

Spruce up the Interior Design of Your Home with Wood-Look Tiles and Find Out the Benefits

The choice of flooring in your home is very important and usually determines the aesthetic value and style of your interior setting. Timber or hardwood flooring is often a top choice among most homeowners because of the unique warmth, feel, and look that it can add to your rooms. However, the panache that this type of flooring has may not last for long because the flooring is susceptible to water damage and scratches, which may result in high resurfacing costs.

Selecting Air Purifiers Depending On Your Needs

Over the years, more and more homeowners are looking toward air cleaners as they become aware of the different health issues contributed by contaminants in the home such as second hand smoke, allergens, pollutants and more. However, the increase in demand for air purifiers also means there is a wide array to choose from in the market. This can make selection of the right air purifier seem daunting for someone who has no experience with these gadgets.

Knock On Wood: What To Look For When Choosing A Timber Garage Door

While steel may set the standard for garage door materials, wooden garage doors have a lot of appeal, as well as many fine properties suited to garage door building. However, choosing a wooden garage door can be something of an overwhelming experience, with an enormous variety of woods, designs and finishes on offer. As such, when shopping around for a new wooden garage door, remember to keep the following factors in mind before choosing your new door:

How to Address the Issue of Air Conditioner Noise Disturbance in Residential Areas

When temperatures are extremely low or high outside, they interfere with your home's indoor climate, making it uncomfortable to stay inside without temperature moderation. Air conditioning units come in handy when it comes to giving homeowners control over their indoor climate. But, the noise level released is a crucial matter of concern as regards to neighbors and city standards. Noise levels should always be kept as low as possible. Unfortunately, not many new homeowners know how to limit noise levels when installing air conditioning units in their homes.

How to Shop For a Shade Sail That Gives You a Lasting Shelter

Shade sails add utility to your outdoor spaces by transforming them into dynamic and eye-catching areas. Their stylish appearance can complement a wide variety of both residential and commercial architectural approaches.  Apart from their attractiveness, shade sails can protect an outdoor space against the infiltration of the damaging UV rays without making you feel restricted or boxed in. They form an exceptional alternative to umbrellas, patio enclosures, awnings, and carports.

Tips for Creating a Japanese Style Kitchen

If you want to introduce some zen into your life, it's a great idea to lean on some Japanese inspired design in the home. While it might be easier or more commonplace to integrate Japanese design into a living room or bedroom space, kitchens are also ideal for zen-inspired design. The kitchen is probably the space in the house where stresses and tensions come to the forefront. Trying to cook family meals in short amounts of time, pots bubbling over, and rising temperatures can make for a stressful situation, but a Japanese inspired kitchen renovation can calm those troubled waters.

Foggy Double Glazing - How To Fix It

Double glazing is wonderful for keeping your home warm during the winter, saving you money by preventing the loss of expensive heat, and stopping drafts.  However, a common problem is irritating 'fogging' that can really spoil your view.  But what causes fogging-up of your windows and what can you do to solve the problem?  Read on to find out more. What causes 'fogging'? Fogging of your double glazed windows is caused when condensation becomes trapped between the two panes of glass.

Wool Quilt | 4 Step-By-Step Instructions To Treat Red Wine Stains On Your Wool Quilt

A wool quilt is made from natural fibres. These fibres require more care than other synthetic materials. Heat, harsh cleaning and agitation can cause woolen hair to curl and shrink, in addition to compressing the weave. Red wine stains are generally difficult to treat when they dry, so it's best to tackle them when they are fresh. This guide is designed to help you treat red wine stains on your wool quilt.

Creating an Inviting Entrance to Your New Home

You and your home builder are going to have a close working relationship. During which, you'll discuss each aspect of your new home right down to the very last detail. One of the decisions the home builder asks you to make is what you want your entrance to look like. You'll want it to be as inviting as possible, so ask them to incorporate these items into the entrance. Side Windows

Washing Machine Walking Away? Learn How to Fix It

If you're experiencing a washing machine that looks and sounds like it's trying to take a stroll across the room during the spin cycle, one of two things are wrong. You're first thought might be that the load inside the machine is off-balance. If lifting the lid and moving the clothes around doesn't work, then you'll need to perform a minor repair once that load is finished. This guide demonstrates the steps to fix a washing machine that won't stand still.

Choosing the Right Patio Roofing Material

The type of roofing material you choose for your patio area will depend on your lifestyle and the roof design. Let's have a look at some of the materials available to help you make an informed decision when selecting a patio roof to meet your individual needs. Steel Sheeting A traditional choice for a patio roof, steel sheeting is still a popular choice. Valued for it's longevity, minimal maintenance, as well as pest, corrosion and fire resistance, steel sheeting offers many benefits to the home owner.

Four Reasons Your Home Needs Security Doors If You Have A Home-Based Business

If you run a business out of your home, there are many ways that you can modify your home to make it compliment, protect and accommodate your business needs. One of the modifications you should consider is adding security doors to your home. Here is a look at four of the reasons your home-based business needs security doors: 1. Property crime is a reality. You may think that you live in a nice area or that property crime isn't a relevant risk, but the reality is that property crime is one of the most common crimes in Australia.

Using Modular Building Systems to Make a Home Office: Five Ideas to Explore

Working at home has benefits as well as challenges. If your home office has recently degenerated into a hectic and unproductive zone because of your family, it's time to start thinking about modular building systems from places like Nova Portable Buildings. A modular office can provide you with more space, as well as more distance from your family. Here are some of the ideas you should explore: Adding a modular extension

Five Tips To Help Design An Incredible Swimming Pool

When summer sets in, everyone prefers to sit by pools and have fun with family or friends. A good swimming pool design can spice up the experience and add more fun. Here are some tips to help arrive at a unique and attractive pool design. Consider the Direction of Shade Avoid long shades that extend to the pool. Storied houses and trees tend to have long shadows. These shades keep the poolside cold and boring.

Tips for moving musical instruments interstate

Moving your musical instruments interstate is not as easy as moving your furniture. Musical instruments often have sentimental appeal, which limits how easy it is to sell your old instrument then buy a replacement later. Instruments need to be transported with extra care to prevent damage to the delicate materials from high humidity, water damage and collisions. Here are some tips for ensuring your instruments are in good shape after an interstate journey.

3 Ways Outdoor Awnings Can Be Pragmatic & Stylish

If you are looking to spruce up your home while being pragmatic about it, outdoor awnings are your best bet. This overhang has become a popular solution for almost all your outdoor activity needs. Here are some of the reasons why they are both practical as well as a stylish addition to your home. The simplicity of their design is endearing When looking to decorate your home, your choice of product should not only be functional but it should also have great design.

How To Unblock Drains Without Harsh Chemicals

Slow-moving or completely blocked drains are no fun. However, you don't have to tackle clogs—and the unbearable stench that accompanies them—with chemical drain cleaners. Chemical cleaners tend to be effective, but most contain sodium hydroxide. This chemical is known to irritate the respiratory system and burns skin on contact, so why not give this gentler method a go? Natural Drain Cleaner When vinegar is combined with bicarbonate of soda a reaction occurs that creates sodium acetate and carbon dioxide.

Five Tips For Restoring And Replacing The Antique Locks And Hardware In Your Old Home

Small touches add to the magnificence of an old home, and original antique hardware and locks can be a big part of that effect. If you want your doors, cabinets and built-ins to feature hardware that looks original, take a look at these five ideas: 1. Restore the Original Hardware If the original hardware is still in your home, keep it. Even if it is caked in paint or dirt, you can restore it.

3 Ways to Create Innovative Clothing Storage in Old Houses

Older houses have a wonderful ambience, but alas not much storage. Creating a modern, liveable house involves coming up ways of storing the clutter that comes with modern life. Vintage storage units A retro way to create extra space is to use the original style of storage: vintage trunks, chests of drawers, armoire and standalone wardrobes. These can be picked up relatively cheaply by trawling thrift stores as most modern houses have extensive built wardrobes and estate sales are often looking to liquidate similar furniture items.

Backyard Living | 3 Essential Considerations To Prepare For A Fabulous Modern Patio

Australians have always had an eternal love for the great outdoors, whether it is to enjoy a barbeque or a few beers with friends. Previously, patios were built merely for utilitarian purposes – a few slabs of concrete and traditional brick-coloured ridged roofs were enough. But today, patios have redefined outdoor living and have fast become a shining attribute for most Aussie homes, adding decorative value with their unique designs and modern concepts.

Five Tips So That You Never Lose Your Front Door Key Again

If you lose the only key to your front door, you will have to call a locksmith to make you a new key or to replace the locks completely. However, by making a few copies of your door key and taking steps to reduce your chances of losing your keys, you can avoid a locksmith bill. Here are five ideas you should consider: 1. Hide Your Spare Key At The Neighbour's House

Services Offered By A Landscaping Company

When you think about landscaping, you probably think of mowing, trimming and planting gardens, but there's a lot more to it than that, and a landscaping company can provide you with a variety of services that aren't confined to just your lawn. So to help get you up to speed, here are some of the services you can expect when you hire a landscaper. Landscape Design -- Landscape design is the process by which a landscaping company designs an entire front and backyard scheme for your home or business.

Tips to Make Your Shower Screen Sparkle

Glass shower screens are a great choice for any bathroom. The main function of a shower screen is to protect your bathroom floor from becoming wet by creating a barrier between your shower and the floor. It also far easier to clean a shower screen than a shower curtain because the hard and flat surface of a shower screen enables you to apply pressure to the surface, which makes removing dirt ales taxing job.

4 Reasons You Should Upgrade To An Electric Garage Door

If you drive through an average Australian suburb, you'll quickly realise it's hard to spot a manual garage door. Why does everyone suddenly have electric garage doors? Should you install one? The benefits of getting an electric garage door far outweigh the benefits of keeping it manual. So, what are these benefits? Security Electric garage doors are renowned for their security. With no external openings, such as a keyhole, it would be very hard for a burglar to enter your house through an electric roller door.

4 Things You Need To Know About Funnel-Web Spider Bites

Funnel-web spiders are very dangerous spiders, and they're found throughout Eastern Australia. If one of these large black spiders bites you, you could be in serious trouble. Here's what you need to know.  How do you identify a funnel web? Funnel-webs are black, shiny, and up to 5 cm long. They have over-sized jaws and large fangs. Australia is home to many large black spiders, and to the untrained eye, many of them look exactly like funnel-webs.

How To Host A Successful Outdoor Theatre Party This Summer

The weather is finally warming up, and it's time to start celebrating with your family and friends. What better way to enjoy those warm summer nights than an outdoor theatre party in your very own backyard? If you have a beautiful patio area in your backyard that you've been dying to take advantage of, a movie night under the stars surrounded by your favourite people is just the thing you need.

How To Organise Your Filing Cabinet

Buying a filing cabinet is a great first step to becoming organised, but you have a few more steps to complete before it will actually help you stay organised. Use the following tips to prepare your filing cabinet so that each paper and document that you put in it has a home. What You Need: A filing cabinet Different coloured file folders Labels Box bottom hanging folders Two small baskets Categorise Your Files:

Things Furniture Removalists Can Do Other Than Transporting Your Stuff

Furniture removalists are professionals that you can hire if you are moving from one place to another. And though they specialise in loading and unloading your belongings, they can also provide you with a number of other services. Storage If you're not moving, but you have a lot of stuff you want to put into long-term storage, you can hire a furniture removalist company to do the job for you. You can pack the stuff yourself and have it waiting for the removalists to load onto a truck and transport to the storage facility, or you can pay an additional fee for them to do the packing on your behalf.

How To Fix Your Air Conditioner

During the summer heatwaves you need a working air conditioner to stay cool. When an air conditioner breaks down, it can make it extremely uncomfortable to be inside your hot house. Here is a simple list of some things that can potentially fix your air conditioner. Replace Dirty Filters Replacing filters inside an air conditioner is a part of maintenance that should be done every three to four months. A dirty filter inside an air conditioner will cause the unit to work improperly as the dirt will block cold air from passing through.

Window Décor | 4 Tips To Choose Window Shutter Colours

Window shutters are the perfect way to transform your home's exterior appearance without having to break the bank on a large-scale renovation project. Choosing the right colours for your window shutters will enhance the external charm of your home, so you must take care to make the right choices. Here are a few tips for choosing window shutter colours to match your home's décor. Complement the Home Style Does your home have a traditional or contemporary appearance?

3 Garden Landscaping Themes That Can Add Value To Your Home

A well-groomed garden, however large or small, can greatly enhance your home's value and may be a winning element in the eyes of future buyers. Most home-owners appreciate gardens that look good yet require minimum care, so it's important to favour simple and affordable designs when it comes to customising your outdoor space. Below are three feasible landscaping ideas that can add interest to your garden and add value to your property.

Custom Kitchen Designs – 5 Makeovers Ideas Without The Costs

Kitchen renovations typically come with a significant price tag, particularly when you introduce custom designs to suit your personal tastes and requirements.  There are a lot of features to contend with, including cabinets and benchtops, splashbacks and appliances and even lighting and paint.  There is good news though.  If you are looking to inject a touch of you into your kitchen, here are 5 makeover ideas without the high price tag.

3 Deadly Diseases You Can Get From Asbestos

Asbestos is a dangerous material, and it was a widely used construction material in Australia for many years. If your home was built before 1987, there's a good chance that your home contains asbestos, meaning that any renovations could put your health in danger. Redoing your kitchen or bathroom could add value to your home, but it could also give you one of these diseases later in life.  Mesothelioma Mesothelioma is a cancer of a membrane called the mesothelium.

Tree Trimming: Why and When?

If you have trees or bushes on your property, it is important that you keep them well trimmed. You can do some of this work easily yourself, using a pair of pruning shears. For larger trees and higher branches, it is a better idea to have a professional tree trimmer come onto your property and do the work for you. They have the expertise and equipment to get the job done properly and safely.

Do you have a wasp nest?

There are two types of wasp in Australia: the European wasp and the English wasp, both of which have been introduced to the country. The English wasp is found mostly in Victoria but the European wasp can be found in Victoria, Tasmania, Sydney and some parts of New South Wales. It can be scary to discover you have a wasp nest in your house or garden. Each nest can contain thousands of wasps and they can be aggressive during the spring and summer.

The Different Types Of Ice Machines

Ice machines are widely used and are generally expected in bars and restaurants. They're used in a variety of ways from the traditional drinks cooling, displays and cooling of raw meats. Deciding to buy an ice machine can be confusing because of the different configurations of ice machines.   There are currently three main types of ice machines. These are modular, countertop dispenses and under the counter. Each has its own specific uses and attributes that make it more suitable for certain environments.

Energy Efficiency | 3 Tips To Prepare Your Home For Intelligent Air Conditioning

You've finally decided to indulge in air conditioning for your home. But that also means an increase in your energy bills. Australian Bureau of Statistics data reveals that the average Australian household spends nearly $39 per week on energy bills--that's a whopping $2028 per year, when you consider fifty-two weeks in the year. While air conditioning has almost become a necessity, you can take steps to ensure that you use energy efficiently.

Four Tools To Consider For Waterproofing Your Basement

Deciding to waterproof your basement on your own isn't as drastic as you may think. With the right tools and the right waterproofing agent, you can protect your basement as part of a weekend project. You may have already purchased the waterproofer and a few paint brushes. Before you get started though, you should consider these four additional tools that can make the project run more smoothly and ensure that the area is up to professional standards.

Essential Steps to Maximise Your Home's Kerb Appeal

Home-owners spend a huge amount of time improving the inside of their home to enhance its appearance, but what can be done to improve your home from the outside? The exterior will be what visitors or prospective buyers see first, so it is important that their first impression of your home is a positive one. How your property looks from the outside is known as kerb appeal, and there are a few ways in which you can improve this to create an attractive and welcoming home.

All Locked Up: How To Use Handcuffs Safely

Whether you are using them for a prank, fancy dress, a protest or Fifty Shades-style romance, commonsense and safety should be your primary concerns when purchasing and using handcuffs. Choosing Handcuffs   Whether you buy your cuffs online, at a novelty store or from an adult outlet, there are a number of options to suit your needs. Especially if you are playing a prank, such as at a bucks party, consider the health and comfort of the "

How to Fix Warped Timber Bi-Fold Doors

Timber bi-fold doors are usually used for closet doors and they function well. The only problem is that since they are made of wood, over time they can start to warp. Fortunately, you can easily fix your doors by yourself . All you need to do is follow the simple step-by-step guide and you will be on your way to perfectly working timber bi-fold doors in no time. Before you start, you will need the following items: