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Great Home and Garden Improvement Tips

All Locked Up: How To Use Handcuffs Safely

by admin

Whether you are using them for a prank, fancy dress, a protest or Fifty Shades-style romance, commonsense and safety should be your primary concerns when purchasing and using handcuffs.

Choosing Handcuffs  

Whether you buy your cuffs online, at a novelty store or from an adult outlet, there are a number of options to suit your needs. Especially if you are playing a prank, such as at a bucks party, consider the health and comfort of the "victim". Real handcuffs aren't particularly designed for comfort, and law enforcement and security personnel are trained to use them correctly. It is illegal for people who aren't licensed to use them as part of their job to own them. Here are some choices of handcuffs that are available to the general public.

Metal:  These handcuffs tend to look authentic and come with a key. They should have a quick release lock for emergencies. Some have a plastic linking chain that can be cut or broken easily. There are replica police handcuffs available that can only be opened with a key. For aesthetic effect, metal handcuffs can be fur lined, although this doesn't really provide padding or extra comfort.

Plastic:  Usually designed as costume accessories rather than as serious restraints, these come in metallic colours with keys. Children's cuffs tend to be made from soft plastic whereas the grown-up versions can still be quite difficult to cut or break.

Nylon: These self-fastening cuffs tend to be softer than metal or plastic options, although still strong. They are usually linked by a metal clip in the middle. Wrist restraints are sold as two separate cuffs with ribbons attached for tying.    

Leather:  These come in many variations with the majority joined in the middle by metal chains. The cuffs usually have belt-style straps so they can be adjusted. Some are designed with padlocks on each cuff.  


Whatever the reason for your purchase, consider that a visit to the emergency department or a telephone call to a locksmith will definitely ruin your plans. Bear these safety tips in mind.

  • Always make sure that toys are child-safe. Test that children can easily remove the cuffs on their own. Check that materials are not toxic.
  • When placing cuffs on someone, there should be a finger-width space between the cuff and the skin. Whilst nylon and leather cuffs may seem safer, it is easy to strap them too tightly. If cuffs are cutting into the wrists, remove them immediately.  
  • Poorly designed cuffs, regardless of material, can become tighter as the person wearing them resists. This can lead to wrist burns, circulation being cut off and nerve damage, so regularly check that the wearer is not in danger. At a hens or bucks party with alcohol involved, the wearer may not be aware of the discomfort.
  • Read the instructions on the cuffs and practise with them beforehand to ensure that you can remove them quickly in an emergency. Even cuffs that may seem easy to cut or unlock can be awkward to remove if the wearer is attached to something such as a tree, in the case of a protest.
  • Obtain two keys and put them in separate places where they can quickly be retrieved.  At a party, make sure that you give one key to a trustworthy, sober friend.

Lost Keys

If you are using heavy-duty, serious cuffs and you lose the key, don't reach for the bolt cutters unless they are part of your trade. If this is a bucks or hens party, and there are police on patrol, you may find that they are willing to see the humour in the situation. Take note that police tend to frown on people who misuse their equipment.

In most cases, it would be inappropriate to call emergency services. Police who come to your rescue will be obliged to file a report which may prove awkward.  Call a locksmith, like A.Abbott Locksmiths. You won't be the first person to need a locksmith for an embarrassing situation.  You will quickly be freed and no police report will be necessary. He will even be able to give you another key.

Don't let your fun with handcuffs get out of hand. Take this advice and play with care.