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Great Home and Garden Improvement Tips

The Different Types Of Ice Machines

by admin

Ice machines are widely used and are generally expected in bars and restaurants. They're used in a variety of ways from the traditional drinks cooling, displays and cooling of raw meats. Deciding to buy an ice machine can be confusing because of the different configurations of ice machines.  

There are currently three main types of ice machines. These are modular, countertop dispenses and under the counter. Each has its own specific uses and attributes that make it more suitable for certain environments. When buying, it's also important to factor in the type of ice that each machine creates. 


This type of ice machine is also known as the machine head because it often sits above ice bins. This allows them to store all the produced ice in a bin of your choosing. This can be incredibly helpful if you require a larger reserve amount. 

They're known as a more industrial ice machine. It's capable of producing much more ice than what would be used in smaller restaurants or bars. These would typically require 110 kg per day at most, but the modular ice machines can produce 450+kg a day. 

This makes it perfect for businesses that require a lot of ice already made that may be used quickly. Businesses like fresh meat markets may use these types of machines to produce the amount of ice they need to cool the produce.  

Under The Counter Ice Dispenser 

This is the most popular option among smaller establishments, such as cafes or pubs. They're designed to fit under the counter for ease of access to the ice. Large bars often have modular machines located in the cellar. This means when they need ice they need to make a trip to refill the ice bucket. With under the counter machines you don't have this problem. 

They come complete with a bin so they're ready to use. This is what makes them perfect for smaller establishments. Even though they're smaller in size they still produce a large amount of ice (155 kg). 

Countertop Ice Dispenser 

These have recently become very popular in serve yourself restaurants and fast food establishments. They allow for the customer to directly choose how much ice they would like by operating the machine themselves whilst making a drink.  

This type of machine has everything built in such as the bin and sometimes they can dispense other things like water. They produce a certain type of ice called nugget, which is much easier to chew and is considered better with sodas and soft drinks.  

Despite its small size, it can still produce  180 kg of ice a day. The reason for this is the style of ice that it produces is a much more efficient size and shape to mass produce, like with machines from Ice Machines Australia