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Great Home and Garden Improvement Tips

How to Address the Issue of Air Conditioner Noise Disturbance in Residential Areas

by admin

When temperatures are extremely low or high outside, they interfere with your home's indoor climate, making it uncomfortable to stay inside without temperature moderation. Air conditioning units come in handy when it comes to giving homeowners control over their indoor climate. But, the noise level released is a crucial matter of concern as regards to neighbors and city standards. Noise levels should always be kept as low as possible.

Unfortunately, not many new homeowners know how to limit noise levels when installing air conditioning units in their homes. If you want to install an air conditioning system in your new home, here are a couple of essential tips you can follow to help you avoid problems that may be caused by the issue of air conditioning noise in residential areas.

Enquire about air conditioning noise regulations.

Installing an air conditioning unit that generates noise that goes above the set limits can attract legal fines from your local council. In the city of Brisbane, for example, air conditioning noise coming from residential premises that  exceed 5 decibels above background noise between 7am and 10pm and 10pm to 7am respectively attract an on-the-spot fine.  

Therefore, as you check the various air conditioners available on the market, be sure to read the sound power level indicated in the literature specifications. This can guide you to purchase a unit whose noise level does not go beyond the set limits.

Talk to your neighbors.

Also, consider consulting your neighbors as most of them probably had to make the same decisions you are grappling with at that moment. Talk over noise concerns with them to avoid installing an air conditioning unit that produces so much unwarranted noise in the entire neighborhood. As Rod Marchant-Smith points out, talking to your neighbors can help to avoid potential problems in the days ahead. Some neighbors can even suggest what types of air conditioners can work best for you! For instance, providing an enclosure for the outdoor unit and siting it on side wall facing a busy motorway can limit the noise reaching your neighbors.

Most importantly, make sure you contract an air conditioner installer who can cover you in case of a noise problem. This is because many localities have laws imposing limits on noise levels coming from residential areas. A reputable installer should be well-versed with these legal requirements and is often able to get the job done properly.