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Hi! My name is Gary and this is my home and garden improvement blog. My passion for working on my home and garden began when I bought my first house. It was a run down little place in the suburbs of Sydney. Even though the place was in a bit of a state, it was in a fantastic location. I spent many hours reading up on DIY and gardening tips before setting about improving the place. It was a lot of hard work but it was also a lot of fun. I learnt a lot during that time so I decided to start this blog.



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Great Home and Garden Improvement Tips

Spruce up the Interior Design of Your Home with Wood-Look Tiles and Find Out the Benefits

by admin

The choice of flooring in your home is very important and usually determines the aesthetic value and style of your interior setting. Timber or hardwood flooring is often a top choice among most homeowners because of the unique warmth, feel, and look that it can add to your rooms. However, the panache that this type of flooring has may not last for long because the flooring is susceptible to water damage and scratches, which may result in high resurfacing costs. Therefore, if you are looking for the flair of wood flooring, but want the easy upkeep and durability of porcelain/ceramic tile, here are reasons why wood-look tiles are your best option.

Durability and Maintenance

Hardwood flooring often has issues with durability and maintenance. These floors will eventually crack, warp, dent, and scratch because of high traffic and use. In addition, to maintain the flair of hardwood flooring, you need to clean them regularly and resurface them after every few years. Ongoing maintenance for timber outdoor decking would require re-oiling at least twice a year. With wood-look tiles on the other hand, maintenance is easy, which means you won't have to worry about your methods of cleaning because tiles are usually durable and can sustain heavy abuse or traffic. In addition, in case of any damages on your wood-look tile, you only have to replace the affected tiles as opposed to the ripping up the entire section of a wood floor.

Moisture Resistance

Since wood-look tiles are made from porcelain or ceramic, they are resistant to moisture. This means they are suitable in high-moisture areas where wood flooring would otherwise not work, such as your basement, bathroom, and kitchen.


While wood-flooring options may only be limited to the type of wood, there is a variety of options with wood-look tiles. This versatility comes with the ability to design and customise wood-look tiles to suit your specific needs. For instance, designing a given pattern on wood floors can be time-consuming and even expensive. This won't be the case with wood-like tiles because the customisation is in-built. Therefore, depending on the unique design that you'd like, different sizes, colours, and grains of wood-look tiles can be combined to achieve that design.

In addition, some manufacturers can create custom flooring designs with wider tiles. Unfortunately, this may not be possible with hardwood planks because wider planks can in turn result in easier warping.