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Hi! My name is Gary and this is my home and garden improvement blog. My passion for working on my home and garden began when I bought my first house. It was a run down little place in the suburbs of Sydney. Even though the place was in a bit of a state, it was in a fantastic location. I spent many hours reading up on DIY and gardening tips before setting about improving the place. It was a lot of hard work but it was also a lot of fun. I learnt a lot during that time so I decided to start this blog.



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Great Home and Garden Improvement Tips

Backyard Living | 3 Essential Considerations To Prepare For A Fabulous Modern Patio

by admin

Australians have always had an eternal love for the great outdoors, whether it is to enjoy a barbeque or a few beers with friends. Previously, patios were built merely for utilitarian purposes – a few slabs of concrete and traditional brick-coloured ridged roofs were enough. But today, patios have redefined outdoor living and have fast become a shining attribute for most Aussie homes, adding decorative value with their unique designs and modern concepts. Here are 3 essential considerations to prepare your home for a fabulous modern patio.

Decide On Design Ideas

Patios are an extension of the home – their design must reflect the architectural style of the main home to maintain a sense of homogeneity. For example, if your home displays modern architecture, you may want to introduce a sleek wooden deck and walls with bright lighting to echo the modern design of your home. Traditional Victorian-style homes can use cobblestone floors and wooden fences for a more conventional appearance. For a complete outdoor living space, make sure you consider a place for a barbeque set, some pieces of furniture, a small bar and a dining area. If you have smaller patio space, you could combine the seating and dining area for smarter use of limited space.

Choose The Patio Flooring Material

The best part about creating a new patio is the multitude of flooring choices that are available to you today. If you think patio floors are limited to brick, concrete and stone, you haven't seen anything yet. Concrete paving is no longer about dull grey slabs. Decorative or stamped concrete can transform a surface by adding colours, textures and depth. For example, you can use stamped concrete to recreate a natural stone appearance without the burden of investing in expensive natural stone. Stamped concrete will cost you approximately $65 per square metre, while natural stone will cost you over $110 per square metre. For a wider selection, you can even consider pavers and wooden floors. With so many flooring selections, you'll be spoiled for choice.

Pick The Right Patio Roofing Material

Patio roofing materials have come a long way from what they used to be. For example, modern wooden, polycarbonate, metal and aluminium materials that are designed for patios have now replaced the typical corrugated roof to give patios a refreshed look. Materials like polycarbonate are especially popular as they are meant to allow the inflow of natural light, while keeping away the harmful UV rays. You can choose to create a separate roofing enclosure for a distinct appearance or integrate it with the main home's roofing material for a consistent appearance.

Modern patios have transformed the way Australians revel in the great outdoors. These considerations will help you prepare for a fabulous modern patio in your home. For more information and ideas, contact a company like Apollo Patios Newcastle.