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Hi! My name is Gary and this is my home and garden improvement blog. My passion for working on my home and garden began when I bought my first house. It was a run down little place in the suburbs of Sydney. Even though the place was in a bit of a state, it was in a fantastic location. I spent many hours reading up on DIY and gardening tips before setting about improving the place. It was a lot of hard work but it was also a lot of fun. I learnt a lot during that time so I decided to start this blog.



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Great Home and Garden Improvement Tips

Common Sources of Energy Inefficiencies in Air Conditioning Units

by admin

One of the biggest concerns homeowners have when it comes to their AC operations is high energy bills. If AC units are allowed to run inefficiently, they can be big energy consumers, causing homeowners to spend more than they should to stay comfortable inside. Here is a look at some of the most likely reasons your residential AC unit may run inefficiently and waste energy.

Leaky ducts

The ducts that move air within an AC unit can use more energy than necessary if they are not correctly sealed and insulated. Because some of the air will be leaking out of the system, your AC will have to work harder to achieve the desired temperature. To make sure your AC unit is devoid of duct-related air leaks, invite an HVAC contractor over to your home on a regular basis to properly seal any leaks. This way, your AC unit will not suffer leaks that may cause your monthly electricity bills to soar.

Dirty filters

The filter in your AC is meant to catch contaminants present in the air within your home. Air filters come in several types so they can be used to remove different impurities from the air. The more efficient a particular type of air filter is, the smaller the pollutant particles it can trap. But air filters need to be cleaned or changed once they get clogged with dust and other dirt particles so they can keep the system working smoothly. A dirty filter will decelerate the flow of air and force the system to run harder so it can keep you feeling cool. This will result in energy wastage.

With a clean or new filter, the dust and dirt that may accumulate and clog the system will be eliminated, making your AC operate with greater energy efficiency and also save you the high repair costs associated with early system failure. Make sure to ask an HVAC contractor to check your AC's filter on a frequent basis, mostly in the winters and summers when the equipment is heavily used.

If you suspect that your AC unit is consuming too much electricity because it is too old, you had better upgrade to a new model. But before installing a new AC unit, be sure to seal any air leaks in the duct system and clean or replace filthy air filters regularly, as both can be big sources of energy wastage. For more tips on keeping your air conditioner in good condition, talk to a company like ACSIS Airconditioning Warehouse.