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Great Home and Garden Improvement Tips

Lawnmower man: Ride on Mower Maintenance Guide

by admin

To keep your ride on mower in top condition, it is vital that you perform regular maintenance tasks to keep it operating at a peak level and to help extend the life of the machine. Below are some maintenance tasks which should be carried out in the spring, before the main mowing season.

Disconnect the Spark Plug

Before performing maintenance on your mower, you should place the mower on a flat surface. You should ensure that the spark plugs are disconnected. This will prevent the engine from accidentally starting as you carry out maintenance.

Change the Oil Filter and Oil

Next, you should change the engine oil and the oil filter. To drain the oil from the engine, place a catch basin containing a drain sleeve under the oil drain before removing the plug. Once you have drained the oil, you can then remove the oil filter. You should then cover the new filter with a thin coating of oil before fitting it. Once the engine is drained of oil you should reinsert the oil drain plug. You can then refill the engine with new oil. You should consult your owner's manual for details of the type and amount of oil required.

Air Filter Replacement

You should remove the air filter and replace it with a new filter. If your mower is fitted with a pre-filter, you should remove it and clean it using water and liquid detergent. You should then let it dry thoroughly before replacing it in the machine.

Inspect the Mower Blades

To inspect the blade, you should remove the cutting deck from your mower. Instructions for removing the deck will be found in the owner's manual for your mower. Inspect the blades, if they are worn you should have them sharpened or replaced by a professional lawn mower technician.

Inspect the Drive Belt

You should next inspect the drive belt. If the belt appears to be worn or damaged it should be replaced before you use the mower.

Inspect the Discharge Chute and Bagger Attachment

You should check the discharge chute for damage. If the discharge chute appears damaged, you should have your mower serviced by a professional. If the discharge chute is in god condition, you should use a putty knife to clear it of any debris which have build up during operation of the mower.

Inspect the Tyres

You should check that the tyres on the mower are not damaged. You should also check they are inflated to the correct pressure, which will be specified in the owner's manual.

If you have any concerns about the operation of your ride on mower, you should have it checked by a lawn mower technician like Cox Mowers.